Summit Provider


WellSpan Cardiology

22 St Paul Drive Suite 201
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone:(717) 217-6944
Fax:(717) 217-6955






Professional School: 
Walden University
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners



Why I chose to pursue a career in medicine: Being kind to one another has forever been an integral characteristic of my personality, and one I strive to find opportunities for every day. Being a healthcare provider has given me a humbling perspective on how fragile and special life is. I know that my career choice is part of a bigger picture that allows me to help elevate and enrich a patient’s health and well-being, while contributing to the betterment of my community.  Medicine is always advancing, and this allows me to continue to learn, remain fascinated and expand upon my practice. It is exciting to be part of a dynamic system that is always striving to grow and optimize our quality of life.


What I want my patients to know about me: I work hard to lead my family and patients by example. I strive to foster healthy lifestyle habits at work and in my home through physical activity, healthy eating, and stress reduction. I understand that everyone’s journey is different. I want to hear my patient’s expectations and I will share mine with them. I will work to create an environment where my patient’s feel comfortable to voice concerns about their health so that we can come up with a plan that works for them. I enjoy being able to help patients by working together to optimize their healthcare and enrich their lives.


What I do when I’m not seeing my patients: When I’m not seeing my patient’s, I am usually with my husband, three children, and our lab/hound Max. We have an active lifestyle filled with hiking, biking, going to the river, soccer, spending time with our friends and family, cooking, and dancing. We love to have family time around the table and you’ll often find us at one of our kids’ soccer, dance, or now, track events. We love to travel, find time for laughter, and we keep music in our lives always.