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WellSpan Occupational Health

1610 Orchard Dr
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone:(717) 261-0929
Fax:(717) 261-0902

WellSpan Occupational Health

24 Antrim Commons Drive
Phone:(717) 261-0929
Fax:(717) 261-0902





Medical School: 
Jiangxi Medical College
State University of New York - Stony Brook University GME
Meharry Medical College Medicine
Auburn University
American Board of Preventive Medicine Occupational Medicine



Zhiping Mo, MD

Q: What led you to work in Occupational Health?

Answer: I've been working in occupational medicine for seven years and am board-certified in occupational medicine. I am interested in this field because I want to protect workers, improve preventative measures, and minimize injuries. This will then eventually benefit both the company and the workers themselves.

Q: What drew you to begin practicing in the Franklin County area?

Answer:  My family lives in the Baltimore area so I was looking for a good place to work that would be close to them. I first came to Franklin County in April 2014 and knew it would be a good place to work.

Q: What would you say is a common misconception about Occupational Health?

Answer:  I think that returning to work with modified duties is a common misconception to employees. We are always working to make sure the employee understands directions and that we're reinforcing them.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about working in Franklin County?

Answer:  I'm really looking forward to putting my knowledge and skills to use at the practice to treat injuries. In our program, we are able to provide full range of employee physical examinations, OSHA medical surveillance, department of transportation, drug and alcohol testing, travel medicine, preventative immunizations as well as work-related injury or diseases treatment, etc. Our goal is to not only treat work-related injuries and illnesses, but also develop a plan that returns each employee safely to work as quickly as possible.

Q: What hobbies or interests do you enjoy outside of your career?

Answer: I enjoy browsing the web; I'm always looking up different news and stories, as well as keeping up with sports - my favorites to watch are baseball and football. I like to play table tennis.